Membership Covenant

Membership of Camberwell Baptist Church is an important commitment of an individual to be an active, prayerful participant in the life and ministry of our church community. This relationship is expressed in terms of a covenant, where we choose to commit to one another because of our shared faith in Jesus and to seek God’s best for one another and for our community. Like any family relationship, membership in our church is a two way street, which means that all of us share in both the privileges and responsibilities that come with family life. As a result of becoming a member of Camberwell Baptist Church family you are accepting both the privileges and responsibilities that come from being part of our family.

The Privileges you share

  • Being encouraged to grow spiritually as you are nurtured, cared for and valued by the Church Family.
  • Being part of the unity and diversity that makes up this part of Christ’s Body.
  • Enjoying the fellowship and support of other believers and being in an environment that enables you to express your love for God in worship of Him and celebration of Communion.
  • Being part of a Spiritual Family that enables you to exercise your gifts to grow Christ’s Body as it functions here at Camberwell Baptist and to the wider church community.
  • Being able to contribute by giving your regular financial offerings (tithes) to the ministries of Camberwell Baptist Church as we reach out in Christ’s Name to our local community and, through our missionaries, overseas.
  • Being able to vote and have an effect on decisions that are made concerning this part of Christ’s Body here at Camberwell Baptist Church.

The Responsibilities you share

  • Commitment to live obediently to God’s Word and in accordance to the Spirit’s leading
  • Commitment to support and work towards the vision mission and values of the church
  • Commitment to meet regularly with the church community for prayer, worship, teaching, communion and Bible study
  • Commitment to be a living witness to the love of God at home and in the community
  • Commitment to help build, encourage and work for the strengthening of the church here at Camberwell
  • Willingness to contribute generously to the ministries and initiatives of the church with your gifts, talents and finances
  • Commitment to actively work in partnership with the leadership of the church and continue to holding them before God in prayer
  • Commitment to pray regularly for the ministries of the church both locally and beyond
  • Commitment to prayerful participation in quarterly church meetings