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Shaped 2 Serve – Gifts Course

We believe that God, by his Spirit has uniquely shaped and gifted each and every one of us to serve Jesus in the world. When we use our gifts and abilities to serve Jesus, we come to know God more deeply, and reveal His glory, as He accomplishes His work in and through our lives.

As part of our ‘Live 2 Serve’ sermon series, we want to help you find your place in the mission of Jesus, and so we are running a Spiritual Gifts Survey and two Seminars over the coming months. Pick up your ‘Shaped 2 Serve’ booklet with questions and activities for you to complete prior to the two, one-hour seminars. They will be fun, interactive, and informative, and will not only help you understand your SHAPE, but empower you to step into ministry.

Some dates to get in your diary:-

Sunday 17th February – Registrations open and booklets available

Friday 15th March – Have your booklet completed ready for Seminar One Sunday

Sunday 17th March (12 -1pm) – Seminar 1 – The Nature of Spiritual Gifts Sunday

Sunday 31st March (12 -1pm) – Seminar 2 – The Nurture of Your Gifts

To find out more, or book your place, contact the church office.

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